About Me
A few years ago I felt the need to find some balance to my hectic working life. I was looking for something to do for myself again, to be creative and to have more of that precious “me-time” again. That’s when I discovered landscape photography for myself.
I love being outdoors and I have always been attracted to the beauty of the landscapes in the North. Being a keen traveller too and visiting these countries for many years, I thought photography would be the perfect thing for me to combine these passions. Just what I was looking for.
I since found out what I really liked about being a landscape photographer is that it requires a fair amount of patience, concentration and you sometimes have to brave the elements – which can be fun. But more than that I think it’s the solitude of these moments with my camera I enjoy most. You have a lot of time to yourself, time to think, time for reflection and meditation. I love these moments and I feel photography has
enriched my life in many ways.
Just a few words about my camera. I started to photograph with a Canon DSLR and in 2011 I decided I wanted to try film photography and bought myself a second hand medium format camera. I always admired the colours and feel of film images and it was "love at first click". I never looked back and pretty soon after all my digital gear ended up on eBay. Since then I photograph with my trusty Mamiya 645 super MF-camera with a 45mm, 80mm and 210mm lens and  Fuji Velvia 50 slide film.
  • 2012: single exhibition "Landschaften". Spital Limmattal, Schlieren, Switzerland.
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